About a year and a half ago we got a letter in the mail from Rob’s 93 year old birth-grandmother, Louise.

Her hand-writing is impeccable.  She sent us a quilt.  Embarrassing to say we hardly wrote her back and when I tried to call her she couldn’t hear me.  She doesn’t email or text.  So, unfortunately the communication has been very one-sided.  Until this Fall.

We had such a crappy year, we have re-evaluated what really matters in life.  Mark Jardina died.  Brennan Passons died.  So, we extended an invitation to Louise and her daughter (Rob’s birth-mother) Rose Mary to come visit.  They don’t get along with each other so they were going to visit separately.  Just before Louise’ visit, she fell and broke her hip.

So, we made plans to drive to Kentucky to meet her and spend some time with her.  She said she wanted to meet Rob before she died; and after the hip issue she was feeling depressed.

Louise is 94 years old and seems like she’s 70.  She was born April 6, 1917.  She is a big University of Kentucky basketball fan.  She watches all the games and even pre-purchased a UK casket!

What a wonderful trip we had!  Gypsy came with us.  We stayed at a Holiday Inn Express.  Louise was a delight.  Her niece Mary Ellen joined Louise during our visit—we met at her assisted living apartment, had lunch at the Cracker Barrel; and then on Sunday we met at Mass, then had breakfast at Denny’s.

Ben and Brian thought it was cool that they had a “great” grandmother.  Louise was so funny—she talked non-stop.  Her memory was SO GOOD.  She was completely alert and witty–funny, sarcastic even!  She cried when we left.  So sweet.  I will make it a regular practice to write her from now on.  Every Sunday.