We had a new HVAC/furnace system installed shortly after we moved in.  They said we needed to add insulation to the home but we hadn’t done so.  Now that the weather has turned so cold, I got on Rob to insulate the attic.

He rented this huge machine and blew insulation into the attic.  The boys fed the insulation into the machine while Rob was up in the attic spraying it everywhere.

Sad to the the HVAC company installed our unit incorrectly, so we lost all heat on Monday.  On Tuesday they came out and explained the installers hadn’t put in the propane converter and had misinstalled the air flow cleaner.  Fuckers.

So, our unit has been running 24/7 for a month.  Will be nice to see what our electric bill will be?  The company is one of my clients and I have been nice about the errors.  But Rob isn’t so tactful–he’s ready to picket and shut the business down…  he gets a little over excited when someone other than him screws up.

Oy vey.