Sold an Ad yay

It’s the 18th and I’m a little behind in work.. my sales goal each month is 12,000 and after tonight’s sale I’m at about $4500 for the month.  I don’t like it if I don’t make goal–then, I am not pleased :(.  But I do the best I can and don’t dwell.

Tonight is our 14th anniversary, yay us!  We almost didn’t make it.  This year was TOUGH.  Actually 2011 SUCKED.  Not sure how we got through, other than divine intervention.

So we’re in this new old house.. 1300 square feet.  We can’t fit everything so we’re simplifying and throwing everything away.  crazy how much change there is in our lives.  the boys are adjusting nicely.  I like the new/old house.

Anyways, c’est la vie.  I’m listening to a TV show in the background… a little distracted.  🙂

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