“Learn how to drive, Bitch.”  That’s what some stupid twenty-something redneck yelled at me because I didn’t use my blinker turning left out of Lowe’s.  Nice.

Today at Lowe’s, I picked up a bunch of MDF boards for base and crown.  We’re doing simple base and crown with no fluff. That goes along with everything else we’re doing—nothing fancy, just solid and simple.  Rob will be installing more crown and base tonight.

I also picked up some boards for Rob to frame up the doorway to the new shower.  And some backerboard to go on top of that.  So, once that’s in Rob and get back to tiling the new shower.

Also, slowly we’re replacing the one-bulb exposed light fixtures with real light fixtures.  Rob installed a fan in our bedroom, but it squeaks and that bugs him.  It doesn’t bug me.  He is trying to find the root of the squeak but is not having much luck.

We’ve already replaced the kitchen, dining, hallway and family room.  But all the lights look like these exposed bulb lights.  Apparently the previous tenants stripped the home of everything they could.

So, yes, we’re working on the house today… feeling more and more like home.  Funny how details like trim and lights make such a difference!