It won’t be long.  Rob worked really hard all day today—he calls tile work more manual labor than anything else.  The thing is he is SO GOOD at tilework—he could make a successful business out of it.  He’s a perfectionist and so the lines are straight and the grout is smooth…  but he has a bum knee so tile work, down on his knees all day is not a good idea.

Rob made a ton of progress today on our new shower!  And he made me a bench for shaving my legs, which is something I’ve wanted ever since we were married 14 years ago.  He had always intended to build me a bench but life got in the way.  This new shower has a bench.  Yay!

Over the years we’d thought about moving and have looked at plenty of houses.  Brian always says, “And, Mommy, the shower has a bench!”

He said tomorrow he has to work on the Roswell job, but he will finish the electrical, carpentry and tile Friday night and grout on Saturday—then we should be able to shower in it on Sunday!  I’ll upload a progress pic.