At our new home, we’ve got an acre.  And there is a really big walnut tree in the backyard.  Fall is walnut season, I guess and all these big green tennis ball sized “fruit” kept falling off the tree.

Once I figured out they were walnuts, I got pretty excited!  I imagined the kids could give walnuts this year to their teachers and grandparents as gifts.  I imagined yummy salads sprinkled with walnuts.  But I didn’t know what to do with them.

I couldn’t let the walnuts go to waste so I had the boys collect 200 of them and I hulled them Friday night.  I woke up Saturday morning with black hands.  And I wore gloves!   I’ve soaked them in bleach and lemon juice.  Nothing works.  I went on the internet and apparently the walnut stain simply has to wear off.

The pictures to the right were taken 2 days after the hulling, on Sunday.  I have scrubbed and dipped my hands in bleach.  I tried mineral spirits, lemon juice, baby oil, goof off, crud-cutter, lift-off and plain old soap and water.  Nothing works.  I don’t even see any brown on the towels when I scrub my hands.

The only thing that gave me a minuscule amount of brown on the towels was goof-off.  I scrubbed my thumb nails and cuticles for about 30 minutes and saw some stain on the towels.

It looks like I have gangreen. On a side note, there is a pecan tree next to the walnut tree, so I collected a couple of boxes of pecans.  The picture at the top shows the unhulled walnuts in the buckets, the hulled walnuts laid out across the screen and two boxes of pecans.  Rob says they’re not pecans.  So maybe they’re just acorns.  I don’t know.  I think I will start  a nut selling business.  Rob says the name of my new business should be Reg Is Nuts.