The title is a little misleading–we still have no shower in the new house but we have been showering at the old house.  Rob has been so busy with work he hasn’t had the time to put in a shower over here.  But this weekend he started the project and I’m so excited!

First, he had to cut a hole for the shower door into the utility room, then frame up a wall on the other side.  We will still have a separate laundry room–and we’ve got a 5 foot shower pan.

We went to Lowe’s this morning to get the electrical materials, tile backer board and lights for the house. We had a little argument in the lighting section because Rob didn’t want to spend $100 per light because we need 5 lights.  He wanted to get the 3 pack contractor lights for $29.

We compromised a little—after he stormed off to the plumbing section and I mulled around the lighting section.  We got a nice light for the family room and master and crappy lights for the dining/eat-in kitchen and the boys bedroom.