We are 75% moved into our new home!  I say that with an exclamation because I am pretty excited about it.  We’re going from a 3200 square foot home in a golf and country club community to a 1300 sq ft bungalow home on an acre in the middle of horses/farmland.  The good thing is we are 3.9 miles closer to school.  It’s been difficult being so far from school—and our initial intention on moving was to simplify our family life by being closer to school and maintaining the same lifestyle.

Looking around at homes in Roswell, the thought of maintaining our same lifestyle became less attractive and we began focusing on DRASTICALLY changing our lifestyle.  We looked at a $60K foreclosure home–about 900 sq ft—near school.  But we settled on this home, here on Union Hill Road.  A little further from school than we intended but the dollars were right, yet still drastic enough.

We bought this house for $79K, put $10K down and paid closing costs and realtor commissions.  So, we owe just $69K on it.  We have run up credit cards putting in new floors, counters, hvac, etc.. but when all is said and done our total debt outlay will go from $320K to $100K.  We should be able to have this home/debt paid off within 5 years and live pretty comfortably.  Our mortgage is now just $600 a month.

Back to the shower.  We don’t have one.  I hired a plumber, against Rob’s wishes who connected the kitchen and the bathroom plumbing so we could do dishes and brush our teeth. If I left that up to Rob like he wanted, I am certain it would be months before we’d be able to use the home.  He is simply too busy even to finish his business jobs…  financially, for his business, things pretty much totally suck right now.  Not so much that he doesn’t HAVE business but too much business and not enough time. 😦

So, no shower.  I sort of hoped we’d get it installed this weekend but his jobs are still not finished so it will have to wait.  Meanwhile, we will continue to drive to the old home to shower.  la la la