Cherokee Burn Ban Expires Tomorrow

We’ve been burning debris for a month. 🙂  This is life outside of an HOA.  Nobody really cares what you do on your property if you don’t live in an HOA community.  So funny.  So us.  We definitely are not HOA material.  We are horrible landscapers and our grass grows too long.  We leave stuff outside.  Twice the HOA in Woodmont took a digital photo of our trash can and emailed it to us.  We didn’t bring it back up the driveway within 24 hours of garbage pick up in one instance.  In the second instance, we had left the garbage can outside our garage door because it wouldn’t fit inside.  And that’s not allowed.

Yes, the Gulicks are much better off on our own little plot of land with no HOA.  We’re not big rule followers 🙂

Here is a photo from tonights fire at our new/old house.  We’re burning sawdust, an old bed and unusable trim.

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