Chapter 97 from My Daily Bread from the Confraternity of the Precious Blood

My child, nothing gives you more trouble than your unthinking self.  Until you have acquired control of your animal desires, your proud ambitions, and your foolish envy of others, you cannot enjoy My heavenly peace.

If your heart is not at rest, it is because you are still controlled by this blind self within you.  Your heart is not set on Me, but on the comforts, enjoyments, achievements or security of this life.  Because you are so self-centered and full of worldly desires, you are tempted to sin.

Whatever is not from Me and leads not to Me is bad for you.  Some of the saints often asked themselves the question: “Ho does this help me for eternal life?”  That is a very valuable question.  If you live by it, there will be less waste of time and more good work in your daily life.

You feelings and desires are good only as long as you keep them under control.  Once they become your masters, they will turn your life into a slavery.  You will have no peace within yourself, and you will even destroy the peace of those around you.  You will become jealous, envious, ambitious, and difficult to live with. You will often omit what you ought to do, and do things which you should not do.  You will become too interested in the doings of others and not interested enough in what you should be doing.

You can make a better world by following Me.  Begin with yourself.  Learn MY truth and let it govern your passions, your every desire, all your fears and each word and deed in your daily life.

The man who has not learned to mortify himself has within himself the enemies of peace and goodness. He is easily aroused against those who thwart or oppose his selfish desires.  He sees the obligations of others, but he remains blind to his own.  He blames little things in others, while he excuses bigger faults in himself.

My Jesus, You conquered the world of passions and selfishness.  By your life of mortification, prayers, work and loyalty to the Father’s Will, You merited for me all the necessary graces to overcome self in my daily activities.  I wish to begin a mortified life.  I want to practice self-control as often as I can, even when there is no question of sin.  By my mortification, I hope to obtain greater graces to figure future temptations. If I am ready to suffere for You now, I will be prepared to fight for You then.  I hope in You forte strength to begin.  You deserve this of me.  Let me forget self and think only of your all-perfect goodness.  Amen.