Chapter 99 from My Daily Bread of the Confraternity of the Precious Blood

My child, when you have received the grace to think My way, you will never again fall into sadness.  One can be sad only when he is deprived of something which he desires very much.  Most human sadness is born of worldly attachments.

If you want Me above all else, you will not be sad at being deprived of anything on earth.  The more you come to realize who I am, the more you will want Me above every created thing.  Only sin can make My followers sad.  Yet even then, they soon turn to Me and abandon their sadness.

The sadness of the worldly man comes from his self-love.  He is sad because he does not have what he wishes.  He is often moved to anger at those who hinder him from getting what he wants.  He becomes jealous of what he loves, and envies those who have what he desires.

Follow Me and live in peace.  Do not be troubled if something is said against you.  It is not he first time nor will it be the last.  In fact, more is said behind your back than what you hear.  Do not lose any sleep over the judgments of men.  Do your best for Me, and seek My approval.  If you are pleasing Me, you have good reason to be glad.

Do not become over anxious or worried about anything.  I do not expect the impossible from you.  Why should you demand of yourself more than I demand?  Pride makes you desire perfection as quickly as possible.  The humble man seeks perfection according to his strength.  He does his best and renews his efforts when he has failed.  He does not deceive himself.  He really tries his best.  When, however, he fails, he is neither surprised nor excited.  He is genuinely sorry, looks for guidance and begins again.

Sadness, fears and worries will always rob me of peace until I have learned to embrace God’s will in all things.  When I have done this, I will no longer be troubled, whether I live here or there, whether I work with this person or that one.  I will see God’s hand guiding me through the trials of daily life, teaching me patience, love, and sorrow for my sins.  I need only do my best.  That is enough for God.  It ought to be enough for me, too.

My Jesus, a true follower of Yours knows how to keep his eyes fixed on You in spite of conflicting emotions.  You love me.  I know that You are ever near to help me alive this daily life of mine.  All that You ask is that I keep trying and be content with the results which You send me.  The final goal is Heaven’s eternal glory.  I believe all this, have I any true reason for worries, fears or sadness?  How can I be swayed by my shifting emotions when I am living for the grandest success of all?  Help me to remember my goal as I go along in my daily activities.  I do not want to sin for anything on earth.  You deserve my very best.  Lead me along and help me hate all sin.  Amen.