Chapter 98, My Daily Bread of the Confraternity of the Precious Blood

My child, as you go through life, your heart tends to attach itself to many things. If these attachments become too strong, they will make you their slave.  You will eventually sin because of them.  True, your natural likes and dislikes are not decided by an act of the will.  You can, however, control them with the help of prayer, mortification, and My Sacraments.

Purify your love for all earthly things, by using them wisely according to my law. Only with a pure love such as this can you escape the slavery of earthly attachments.  You will never again be too troubled at the possibility of losing something, be it a friend or a cherished possession.  Nor is this a form of misguided selfishness.  You are simply choosing first things first—God before creatures.  First things First.

Refuse to be a slave of anything on earth.  Love ME.  And My Will more than all else.  You are will disturbed and displeased when matters go against your wishes and desires.  You still fail to understand the passing nature of earthly things.

Let no human being nor earthly satisfaction mean so much to you that you would sin for them.  If you love anything that much, your love is misguided and foolish.  You are preferring a reflection of God to God Himself.

If you want true job and real greatness, be attached to Me above every person and thing in your earthly life.  Let your desires and love be guided by My wisdom, and they will never lead you into folly.

My true welfare lies not in possessing or enjoying many things on earth, but rather in using what I have wisely and sinlessly, with the intention of pleasing God.  Riches, honor, praise, admiration, power and superiority over others, or whatever else may attract me on earth, all of these things must one day pass away.  Why be too interested in what I am sure to lose?  

Unless I use them as God desires, I will use them the wrong way, and they will draw me away from Him.  The more I come to know God, the more will I desire to lessen my attachments on earth.

I will try to be more aware of Him throughout the day.  My real needs are few.  True, human nature objects to being deprived of what it likes.  still, I ought to get rid of whatever does not really improve my life.

My God, You are the perfect Good.  Whatever attracts me in any human person or in anything, is but a tiny reflection of Your infinite perfection.  How can I be so foolish as to prefer a reflection to the reality?  Yet, that is what I do when I displease You by sin.  Help me to face this truth.  From now on I desire to live for You by a proper use of things in my daily life.  Whatever leads me into sin must go.  Let me love and choose only what will help me please You.  You know what is best.  Show me Your Will and give me strength to follow it.  Amen.