I just learned about this Project across the US which offers 12 Step Recovery Retreats to the homeless. Here is a link to a description of the Program offered, as well as a wealth of information on how I can get involved. This is a wonderful ministry and although I am young in sobriety I pray God will use me to help.

From their web site:

Recovery and Ignatian Spirituality
From our founding we have sought to utilize the great intersection of the 12-Step program (e.g., AA) with the guiding principles of Ignatian Spirituality. Both of these programs seek to inspire greater knowledge of one’s self and one’s relationship with God as an agent of change within one’s life. Thus, our programs foster: Introspection – finding my story as a place of God’s grace; Transformation – moving from self hate to love; isolation to engagement; Reconciliation — healing of past wounds and connection to community. In totality, we hope our programs continue our mission of providing hope by nurturing the spiritual life to ultimately end the injustice of homelessness.