Wow–how things change in just a couple of days. Three days ago I was thinking about substitute teaching at the boys’ school to earn some extra money and today I’m newly employed in advertising sales. I keep asking God, “Is this right for me?” And I continue to feel peace. I don’t get any big, loud, “YES!” I just get peace, sort of get nothing…which is good, I guess?

I’m mature enough in my walk to know that I only want to do God’s will, because anything contrary to His will won’t give me peace (some would call it “happiness” but that word doesn’t work for me because “happiness” conotates–for me—too much euphoric type stuff). So, we’ll see if the peace holds.

We’ll see if the peace holds as I get rejection after rejection in my sales efforts. We’ll see if the peace holds. I suppose as long as I day by day just do God’s will and what’s in front of me then I’ll be just fine.

I’ll be selling advertising to local restaurants for a special section in Gourmet and Bon Appetit magazines. The November issue closes in three weeks, so I’m going to try to bang out at least six sales by then.

I’m praying for peace, order and grace. God please give me the grace to create order in my life. I know You want that for me. And working a real job will require it in order to maintain your peace, right? So, order is the word of the week for me.

Prayers for a successful new career!