We had such a great time on our road trip through Florida that I have to write about it. The day we went to the Daytona Lagoon waterpark was really fun! The boys were so happy to see their cousin Jack and his “half-sister” Jaime! I loved hanging with MY sister Sally.

Big wave pool. Waterslides every where. The “river” thing and the little playground of water. I went down most of the waterslides with the boys, and I was so proud of myself! They always want me to, but when Rob is there I back off and let him be the player. Since Rob wasn’t there I was sort of free to play myself—at first I had to force myself but after a while I started have fun!

There was one slide that Ben, Brian and I went down on that was enclosed, pitch black and curving and steep and quite scary! It jerked me around a bit like the Dahlonega at Six Flags used to do. Once was enough for me, but Ben and Brian and then Jack and Jaime went down over and over again with big smiles on their faces!

We went in for lunch and came out to find that the park had closed from the rain storm. The park was locked up and all of our stuff was inside, soaked–including my phone. The lifeguards were called and they walked me in and helped me get our things. I had to open up my phone and blow the insides dry in the bathroom hand-dryer, which worked really good actually.

We all left. Sally, Jack and Jaime went back to Jacksonville and we were about to head back to Orlando when we noticed the sunshine peaking through. So, we looked and they were opening the waterpark back up. We parked the car and went back in for another two and a half hours. The boys basically had the park to themselves, so no long lines or waits. They did a waterslide they hadn’t done before back in the corner that was basically straight down with curves and enclosed. Everybody that came out at the bottom had these looks of utter amazement and confusion after going through it. And the boys were able to do it seven times in a row! They loved it. I loved watching them.

I remember thinking I was really enjoying myself! Sad to say, I usually wouldn’t enjoy something like this. In the past, I’d be bored or ready for it to be over so I could go back to doing something else, especially if there was no alcohol involved. But for the first time that I was “aware” of..I enjoyed that the boys were enjoying it. I was fully present and involved in their happiness. I wondered at the time if this is what normal people feel, this stuff of other-centeredness that I had covered up with self-centeredness and alcohol in my quest for relief from what ever it was I was seeking relief from—be it my own strong emotions or growth—anyways, I truly enjoyed being with the boys and doing what THEY wanted to be doing. To most people that might sound really odd—to people like me (call it alcoholic or call it selfishness—doesn’t matter what you call it) this makes complete sense.