My best friend from when I was six Tricia mailed me this book The Middle Place by Kelly Corrigan. We’re down at the beach now and yesterday I took it out and started reading. It’s really good! Really good. This Kelly girl has a way with words and not just a way with words but a way of seeing the world that is very humble and refreshing.

I read somewhere–maybe in the introduction–that she was working on a book about faith. I’ve figured out she was raised Catholic from reading about her parents and so I went to her web site and boldly commented that she should go back to her childhood faith. It’s funny how why would she care what I think? And the truth is I didn’t care if she cared. I just felt compelled to tell her that someone who writes as well as she is most likely is being called back to her faith.

It seems to me God is calling a lot of interesting characters to convert to the faith. Tony Blair. Newt Gingrich. Ann Rice. Allen Hunt. Perhaps Kelly Corrigan?

She obviously has the foundation. Her parents have it. The trouble with our generation though is our parents thought they could practice their faith and we would get it all by osmosis. Well, the world is so nuts and technology and friends and big public schools, etc…etc.. that it’s not enough to just expect our children to get it by osmosis any more. We can’t take for granted that their friends will be Catholic and they’ll get it that way. We actually probably must assume their friends are anti-Catholic..or at least against the teachings of the Church.

So, what we’ve done is enthusiastically embrace the faith with our kids. Unapologetically and with fun! Who cares if the whole world thinks Catholicism is this or that—it’s SO BEAUTIFUL and true and life-giving and wonderful. And I will not care what people think. I will pass this faith on with gutso to my kids.

It’s funny because this book The Middle Place is titled The Middle Place. That’s what I told my best friend Tricia when I called her last week to tell her I am in that middle place where I am a stay at home Mom but looking for a career, a purpose a calling. I have had 5 different jobs in five months and I’ve quit them all! I told her I feel like I’m having a mid-life crisis and that I’m not good at anything any more.

She reminded me that I am a writer. I reminded her that I am a “closet” writer. Only people like her and my sisters and my husband know that my passion is to write. I’m way too insecure to show my writing to anybody, so that’s why I’ve even made this whole blog blocked off so no one can read it but me! At least I think that’s what I have done. I’ll be really embarrassed if just anybody can google me and find this and read all my deep dark secrets. LOL.

Anyways, in the mail box a few days later, I found this book “The Middle Place” and I just started reading it on the beach yesterday. It makes me want to write a book, to tell my story. The title would be Number Nine—my birth order in a family of 11 kids. But then I read about Kelly Corrigan and she has her Masters Degree in Literature or something smart like that so I reason that my writing would never compare and I would have nothing to offer the world. So, I’ll just keep it to myself.

But I do think I need to change the “about me” section of this blog because it is going to bug me that there is actually a book called the middle place, so my middle place doesn’t sound so original.