On the first day, I didn’t really see the point to all this. A little chilly out. The city isn’t very clean. Smoky casino and everything is so expensive. On the second day, Rob had already lost $300 and that was a bummer.

We walked a mile and went to Mass, which was really great…a highlight. The church was shaped like a triangle with a ton of really cool deco stained glass that appears to have been created by a local artist maybe? The mural behind the altar was huge and colorful and very flambuoyant. But I liked it. Vegas was very dirty and loud and this was peaceful and pretty.

The name of the church was the Guardian Angel Cathedral. I imagined these were my guardian angles for this trip and I felt comforted! I had some anxiety inside anticipating the arrival of the rest of the folks joining us in Vegas. I knew it was to be a big party weekend. Since I don’t “party” any more, I was nervous about all of it. So, the name of the Church was a sign for me to trust.

The Church was on the strip set back between the Venetian Casino (or was it the Wynn?) and some souvenir shops..so dirty all around it…We asked for directions on the way there and the guy says, “Why? Are you getting married?”

Only in Vegas would you ask directions to a Catholic Church on a Friday morning and be asked if you’re going to go get married. LOL

Everybody else arrived that afternoon and we gambled some in “Paris.” Then we had dinner at an upscale Chinese restaurant and went to a show…The show started at 9pm, which is midnight Atlanta time so we all slept through parts of it. I probably slept ten minutes in the middle of it. After the show most of us went to bed, but Rob stayed out gambling and lost another $300.

Day three was awesome! Big breakfast at the Cafe in Paris (Paris is my favorite casino, by far!) and then we took a nap in the room. Rob and Eli had a 1pm tee time and I spent the day in the spa. I did the treadmill, read three magazines, had a 25 minute massage, sauna, steam room, jacuzzi and free fruit and water. I spent five hours there! I came out completely refreshed.

Come to find out though that all the others drank and gambled all day and they all won $500+ each. So, my day at the spa was a little twinged because I wanted to win money like all them. We had lost so much money, and I was starting to think we wouldn’t win any this whole trip.

We all met at 7:30 at the Eifel Tower Restaurant…really high end French restaurant. Rob was feeling nauseous so he didnt’ eat. I was really hungry but entrees were $40 each, so I didn’t want to eat anything. But Rob insisted I eat, so I got the arctic char and it was really, really good.

Dinner was FUNNY. There were ten of us, and they were all drinking…getting expensive wines and desserts and there were a lot of laughs. I was surprisingly able to enjoy myself at dinner despite the fact that I was sober, drinking coke! Sometimes I can’t enjoy the company of drinkers for more than an hour or two before I start getting restless or bored..but I had a really nice time! The longer I am sober, the more I am able to really enjoy hanging with friends again.

When the bill came, ours was $60 and every one elses was $300+ each! It was the biggest restaurant bill I’d ever seen. A lot of laughs, though. At one point I had tears streaming down my face. Caesar (John’s girlfriend) is really, really funny..clever funny…quick witted, like Shelley. I love that kind of humor. She had me laughing the whole time.

Anytime any one went to the bathroom or was missing, we would “toast” them..it started with Doug toasting Caesar for helping them win a bunch of money that day and we said, “Doug, you can’t toast her– she’s not even here! Wait until she is back to the table.” So, we she came back from the bathroom we told her we toasted her. Then when Brad went to the bathroom, Mike Lynch decided to be funn–and make fun of Doug. So, he toasted Brad. So, this started the tradition of toasting the person that left the table. It went on all night.

At another point, Caesar (her name is Jennifer, but we all call her Caesar) had a big rare steak and couldn’t finish it, so she said, “I’m going to find a vegetarian and shove it in their face!” And Johnny looked over at me (sitting next to Caesar) and said, “Well, there you go–Reg is a vegetarian!” And Caesar was so embarrassed but so funny about it and she offered me a bowl of mushrooms to make up for her blunder…I was crying, laughing so so hard.

Then, I won $1000 on a slot machine and so we made up all that Rob had lost! yay! We went over to Caesar’s Palace and then to the Bellagio…By 1am (4am Atlanta time) I was beat and Rob walked me back to the room…they all stayed out, went to a club and danced and then gambled some more. Rob came in about 7am this morning…(10am Atlanta time)…he’s sleeping now…hopefully he can sleep all day because he has had very little sleep since we’ve been here.

This is day four. I got coffee and have been dabbling on the computer for an hour…I may go get a bite to eat and then figure out which Mass to go to. Happy Palm Sunday! I totally want to do slot machines today, but I will abstain today in honor of Palm Sunday. It is going to be difficult! Have I caught the sin city bug? I think so! But, I will abstain today. No question about it.