Today is Brian’s real birthday. We woke him up singing and throwing presents and balloons on his head. He got star wars legos, of course, which is all he wanted. We also got him a subscription to Brickmaster magazine which includes a new lego set every two months, the magazine and a ticket to Lego land in California. He jumped out of bed and wanted me to measure him to see if he grew any over night. Of course he must have grown a whole inch!

Rob got him a big pack of reeses peanut butter cups..the “giant” ones..wrapped them up as a present. He was so excited.

Ben was there to make sure Brian thanked us properly and Ben wanted me to know that Brian was very happy with his presents and we did a good job. Ben is such a love, always wanting to make certain every body feels okay. He is so in tune with me, especially…always has one eye on me checking out my reactions to things and trying to manage me when my reactions are not especially happy, joyous and free!

I find myself faking euphoria sometimes just so Ben won’t worry about me. LOL. I don’t want anything to worry his sweet soul.