“That was my best birthday party ever!”

Music to this mommy’s ears. Rob and I held Brian’s birthday party at the Y. We thought it would be fun to have a pool party indoors when it was still too cold outside to swim. So, we set it all up and sent out the evite. Sooooo cute. 14– 7 year old boys wrestling in the water. There were so many smiles.

Then we headed to the party room where they played ball and ran around and had double chocolate cake and ice cream. Brian got a bunch of Star Wars leggos which is what he wanted. So, all was good.

I noticed Ben was a little snippy with Brian..just a VERY little. Only enough for a mother to notice. Later on I mentioned to Ben how it’s tough to have a whole day where you’re little brother gets so much attention and so many presents and you just have to act agreeable and helpful. He emphatically agreed, “I KNOW. It WAS hard.” But he did really good. Only I noticed the snippiness.

It happens to Brian on his birthday and at Christmas–he gets a bunch of presents and then gets in this “I want everything I will never be satisfied” mode. It bothers me but then I remind myself it’s just sensory overload. For the next several days following his birthday party, Brian’s favorite words are, “I want that. I was this. Can I have that? Why can’t I have this?”

I tell him to be grateful for what he has, but what the heck does that mean to 7 year old. I remind him he hasn’t even played with all the toys he got from his birthday party yet. Still, he wants that. He wants more. A few days of saying “No,” though and he’s back to his old self…he now adds “for Christmas?” I want that….for Christmas??? For my next birthday?

I love my boys.