A friend of mine recommended this book (Cold Calling for Cowards by Jody Hocutt) because I was having trouble in my new sales job.

I am currently selling straight commissions for two jobs: memberships for the Dunwoody Chamber of Commerce and web design for Sisson Media. I love both products. I don’t mind emailing people information and marketing, but when I call some one I feel like I need a “purpose” other than to sell them something.

I have been working for three weeks and haven’t sold anything at all. I’m dreaming of quitting, of finding a diffrerent job, and I’ve been saying the Rosary a lot. Rather than quit, perhaps I should figure this out.

It’s a mental block for me. I’m basically afraid to sell over the phone—probably because I know I really dislike salespeople to call me. I much prefer they email me or send me something in the mail. But then again, how do I form the relationship necessary to sell them something if I don’t call and talk to them. It’s easy to say no to an email.

Perhaps social marketing is the answer for me? I can create a social networking site where the people I email can see my picture and get to know me a little bit. But in that case I wouldn’t want to be too revealing. I suppose I wouldn’t want to be too revealing anyways on a facebook page, so what would I put ont here that I wouldn’t want a prospective customer to see?

hmmm… I will keep thinking about this. Maybe there is a way to sell by email and social networking, text and twitter… in case there isn’t, I’m going to download the above Cold Calling for Cowards podcast for $4.99.

Before Tuesday’s Sales Meeting, I will have one membership sale. Or, I’m not going.