We went to the 5:00 teen Mass last night. We normally go to Mass in the morning, but my husband had a tennis match (which actually was cancelled at the last minute) so we planned to go at the end of the day. The kids like the music better at the teen Mass. So do I, actually.

Father Frank did an amazing homily about “forgiveness.” The part that hit home with me was when he implored us not to put it off, not to post pone reconciliation. This spoke to me because i have been putting off doing my 4th Step, which will start me on the path toward reconciliation with a lot of people in my life.

After Mass, I was talking to an old lady about her recent trip to Destin. She was telling me about saving the baby sea turtles who were threatened by the high tides from the crazy hurricane season. My husband was playing tag with my two sons in the Narthex. Next thing you know Brian’s head is bleeding and my husband is carrying him with a frantic look on his face. Brian was running away during “tag” and fell into the corner of a wall in the new church. oy vey.

So, after ten wonderful Church ladies fixed him up with two first aid kits and Father Frank gave him his blessing 🙂 we were off to Childrens Healthcare/Scottish Rite Urgent Care center near Norht Point Mall. They gave us the option of staples or stitches. Brian freaked out when he heard the word stitches so we opted for staples.

The nurse was AMAZING. She talked directly to Brian. She put some “magic gel” on his boo boo (numbs it in order to be able to stitch it up) and gave him an orange popsicle.

The 6 stitches themselves were painful. The nurses did a smart thing with a pillow case to keep his hands behind his back/under him (telling him it was to keep him from getting his hands wet when they washed his hair) and the stitches took about ten minutes. Maybe not that long, but he was in a lot of pain. I held him and stroked his legs and arms and sang to him.

I let him stay home from school today even though the doctor said he could go. He’s fine “physically” but I felt he needed a day of rest “mentally and emotionally” after all that apparent anxiety. He and Ben both get anxiety, just like their Mama. poor things.