On Wednesday, my sponsor wasn’t at the meeting (even though it was at her house) because she was going into town to see if she is eligible to donate her kidney! wow.

But there were four of us there: Robyn, Mary, Annette and I. Robyn is funny, cynical. Mary is pretty, poised and smart. Annette is so cute–she’s trying to pick out carpeting..her husband gets upset with her for using credit cards. She’s a little over weight and I just want to hug her.

Even though I haven’t started the columns I am thrilled about the idea of doing my Fourth Step. It’s so funny. I so see how beneficial it will be. I am a huge proponent of it. But I haven’t even done it myself! What is up with that? I want to give it an hour of undivided attention. But I keep finding reasons why I don’t have time to do it. Weird. I need to just schedule in an hour to get started on it. I’ve got my resentment list, so I just need to go through it. Hashing stuff up scares me. But I just can’t think about it to much and just do it.

Like the priest at confession said yesterday when I confessed to being lazy at home. He said just do it. Don’t think about it too much. Just get up and do it.