I downloaded a nine-week can’t-fail program for beginners to run the Half Marathon at the end of November. The four training universals, according to Runners World mag are: Rest (no running); Easy Runs (comfortable and controlled running); Long Runs (stead run, longer than the race distance); Speedwork (bursts of running shorter than race distance).

The definition of “Beginner” in this case: “You’ve run for at least a year, but you’re still a racing neophyte. You can run 5 miles at a time without distress, average 15 to 20 miles a week. Your race time is less important to you than finishing.”

I haven’t run 5 miles in a row in about 10 years. But I can definitely run 3 miles without distress. Maybe today I will try a 5 mile run just to make sure I can be qualified as a Beginner. If I can’t, then maybe I’m not ready for a Half yet. I’d love to do the spring triathlon in October at Lake Lanier (400yd swim, 13mi bike, 5K run) but I’m worried the Lake will be very cold. So, I’ll make the Half my next goal, provided I can at least be classified as a Beginner.

Week 1: 19-21 miles
Week 2: 19-21 miles
Week 3: 22-24 miles
Week 4: 24-26 miles
Week 5: 24-26 miles
Week 6: 27-30 miles
Week 7: 32-34 miles
Week 8: 32-34 miles
Week 9: 20 miles, + RACE

Each week is supposed to have THREE rest days. Three. I never would have thought to rest for 3 days a week, while training for a Half Marathon. This means, I need to get 20 miles in per week (in the beginning) in just four days. This is four 5-mile days. Hmmm… ugh. I’m going to have to get myself a good 5 mile route. It seems like I will need to up my typical 3 to 5. I can do it.

Since I average 13 minute miles (this will get better…remember, I am still a “Beginner”), I need to run for 13X5=1 hour 5 minutes. Okay, that is what I will do today. Run for 1:05.

Never one to follow someone else’s plan for me (except God’s!) I will make my own training as I go, listening to my body…when Sherm is here I will probably be more tired. During ovulation I can probably run longer. Okay, gotta run.